Smart Tow

Smart Tow allows individual motorists and corporates across UAE to access emergency vehicle towing and technical support services from licensed operators verified by RTA and DTC.

Simple and Easy to Use

  • Avail of Smart-Tow's services through an easy-to-use Mobile App.
  • Automatically communicate location of emergency and connect to nearest available technical support vehicle
  • Make pre-scheduled reservations and manage bookings
  • Document services rendered and keep track of transactions
  • Pay for services securely via the app
  • Access special offers and discounts through our loyalty program

24/7 Support

An intelligent dispatch center staffed with specially trained customer care experts help manage operations manually, if required and handle customer requests and enquiries over the phone, email or chat

instead of the app, dashboard, 24/7 section and portfolio section, lets just have one section in between with a scroll to toggle UI screens and links to Apple and Android store (as shown in attached image)